Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OC family vacation

  We took our first beach vacation as a family in Ocean City, Maryland.  It was only for a weekend but two days at the beach and everybody had a blast!  Jon and I forgot how much we truly love being by the ocean (not the gulf or a river but an ocean).  And Luke and Vivi had a lot of fun playing in the sand and water.  Luke enjoyed constructing his "city" of sand, running around, and actually braved some of the waves on a boogie board, albeit in the more shallow area.  Vivi just enjoyed being a little explorer, as always.  She loved touching the sand, waving the sand toys around, and climbing in and out of her very own beach chair.  She wasn't too keen on being in the water by herself but made that delightful baby laugh when she was being held while we were in the water.  Jon and I both enjoyed riding the waves, regardless of how many wave wedgies I got in my swimsuit.  Sun, sand, and surf--doesn't take much to make the Thompsons happy.

My muscle men
me and my kiddos

Luke's city of sand
Vivi getting comfy in her beach chair
Jon helping with the "city" construction

Vivi on the boardwalk
Luke on the boardwalk

Luke's highlights:

1.  His tattoo of a crab he got at Fish Tales.  We named it Cooter.

2.  Luke met his favorite superhero, Spiderman.

Really, what's not to like, right?