Monday, January 31, 2011


  Do you ever hold your children and wonder how you actually helped to create them?  Everytime I play around with Luke and I'm tickling him in the ribs, I often think "Wow, I helped to create each and every rib".  Or I watch Vivi sleep with her full lips forming a perfect "o" and I'm amazed by the fact that the lungs inflate with every breath were made by my egg and Jon's sperm.  Naturally, all the credit goes to that omnipotent and omniscient Creator, God Almighty.

  But I still marvel at that.  The science of their bodies--each breath they take in as they slumber peacefully, the grasp of the fingers, the delightful song of their laughter.  It's beautiful and I'm so grateful that Jon and I have been blessed with their presence.  It is a gift and I know to not take it for granted.  In my line of work, I've seen how easily dreams can be crushed.  I know my children and be called back to their Creator whenever He thinks it's their time.  I can only pray that my children outlive me.  But for now, I delight in their very existence and spoil them with as much love as possible.

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