Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Summer Vacation Part 2--OBX

 We spent Labor Day weekend of 2010 in the Outer Banks--Nags Head, NC to be more specific.  The last time we were in the Outer Banks was for our first anniversary back in 2002, when we explored Ocracoke and Hatteras in addition to Kill Devil Hills.  After our short weekend in Ocean City, Jon was eager to relive the summer vacations of his youth by returning to the Outer Banks.  He always said how he missed spending an entire week at the beach when his family used to vacation at the Outer Banks.  After our little visit to Ocean City with all ridiculous stores and restaurants lining the main drag, I never understood staying at the beach for that long.  But Jon said he could stay a week in the OBX and now I know why.  There's still some of those crazy restaurants and shops but not as much.  You can choose to be more remote or closer to that part of "civilization"(if one could call it as such).  

  There was one evening when Jon wanted to stay in because of the Hokies game.  I was restless because it was a gorgeous clear night where a walk on the beach guaranteed a clear view of the stars or even the Milky Way.  The sky fulfilled its promise, showing me the vast expanse of starlit beauty while my fellow mortals on earth lit bonfires on the beach, their discussions drowned out by the roar of the ocean waves.  I walked on the cool, wet sand, alongside the scampering of the little sand crabs who felt more securing coming out in the darkness of night.  There was something about standing on that beach, knowing that on the other side of the endless ocean was another continent or two and how I wished I could be on the other side, exploring different countries.  More importantly, I wished that my children would someday travel the world, getting exposed to the different cultures and customs of different countries so they would be aware that the Earth was made up of more than just the United States of America.  So I offered up a prayer to God that night, that He guide my children around the world, to learn the different faces of the rest of God's children in the world, be exposed to their customs, so that they learn we share this fragile Earth with others and are not superior to others simply because of the country they live in.  I hope He was listening.

  With all the bright lights of Ocean City, there was no way I could have had such a beautiful evening on the beach under a blanket of so many stars.  I may not be able to spend a week in Ocean City but I can return to the OBX and stay for a week or more in a heartbeat.  

  I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Daddy and his little girl by the water

Hanging out with the kids beachside

Going for a stroll along the beach...

...although the last time we were at the OBX we didn't leave stroller marks. :)

Vivi showing off her beach diva abilities

I love baby footprints!
At the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills

Yup, even bunny made the trip.  Never leave home without him!

Enjoying sunset on the bay after dinner.
Daddy showing Vivi where the dolphins were playing out in the water...

A great sunset shot of Jon and Vivi...

Enjoying a sunset stroll back on the beach...

The beauty of sunset at the beach...

Flying the kite--isn't the beach gorgeous?

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