Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10

Today Luke watched "How to Train Your Dragon" and I must say I am so proud of him. It was pretty scary for a 4-year-old and I insisted we finish what we started. He stayed until the end, even if he did have to bury his face into my chest and made me cover his ears. But I expected nothing less from my delightful son. In one afternoon, he helped me paint a wall in our family room, modeling his plain paint strokes into a "boat" and couldn't wait to show his Daddy the "special wall we made for him. Daddy will be so happy!" Luke declared that my smoothie was "so delicious, Mommy!" And while we were watching the previews, he kept saying "Are you kidding me?" or "Oh my goodness!" My favorite for today was listening to my son quietly sing the song he learned from school:

"Ho-ho-ho-ho-sanna, Ha-ha-hallelujah,
He-he-he-he saved me, I found the joy of the Lord."

I'm so proud of him...

Vivi, however, is becoming a mini-me, growing more and more stubborn just like her mama. Poor Jon's in trouble. She really doesn't let up if she's not happy about something. To say she let's you know if she's upset is a serious understatement. But at dinner tonight, little Vivian showed how much she really follows in her Mama's footsteps--attacking pork ribs with a vengeance. She got her little hands all around the rib on my plate and kept biting at it, even when there was next to nothing on the bone.

I'm so proud of her...

And to top it off, my husband wants to make chocolate souffles right now...

Ahh, this is a fabulous day-after Mother's Day.

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