Monday, May 24, 2010

Why? and Diva tastes...

This is Why.

Why the Dinosaur, to be precise.

Luke made him as a sand art project at his friend Sarah's birthday party. He christened his project Why shortly after Sarah announced that her stegosaurus sand art project was named "What". Hmm, wonder why?

Luke has become VERY protective of Why. In fact, the morning after the party, Luke got up early (again). Jon got him settled by the television, accompanied by Why, of course. Later on, when Jon came downstairs for good, Luke told Jon "I was protecting Why from predators, Daddy." This morning, Luke was without Why when I came downstairs. When I asked where he was, Luke told me, with a very serious face, that Why was still sleeping because "he needs his rest because he had a busy day playing at Peter's house yesterday." A sand art Triceratops needing his beauty rest. I love it! It is so endearing to see my 4-year-0ld boy as a caretaker. He has always been thoughtful and caring as a big brother to Vivi. And this is not the first time he's taken to "fathering" a toy. He went through a phase of caring
for a stuffed dog he named "Barkie" (perhaps as a nod to Curious George's friend "Sharkie"). He pulled me to the couch to show me how he tucked in Barkiefor a nap. "See, Mommy? Barkie is getting his rest."

I've decided that Luke is going to be not just a wonderful big brother, but an equally awesome dad one day.

Vivi, on the other hand, is developing some very rich tastes. She is definitely demonstrating that she has some specific preferences, just like her mama. At church, she went for a brownie I was eating instead of the fruit and crackers we had for her. "A typical girl--goes for the chocolate" said a lady from church. At brunch, I had ordered Crab Benedict and guess who was reaching for my crabmeat? Yup, little Miss Vivi. Jon and I pity the fools who date her 16 years from now--they'll need deep pockets if her tastes persist. At a Little League Fun Day, Vivi reached for my Starbucks cup like it was ingrained in her American female DNA to gravitate to a Starbucks beverage. I tried hiding it from her but the little girl sure is stubborn. Here's Vivi taking a liking to my Starbucks cup:


And she's also displaying a Diva vibe. If she's wants something and you offer her the wrong thing, watch out. She does a little dance where she bends over, walks backwards, and shakes her head "No" simultaneously to let you know when she's unhappy. I have no idea if this is how I acted when I was her age or if Jon (or any other Thompson) did. But she got it from somewhere and it's very humbling to watch your children display personality traits that perhaps you turn a blind eye to. But she is now running with purpose towards us to give us a kiss or a hug. And she is enthralled with her big brother, Kuya Luke. She adores him and just loves to play with him. She has this delightful laugh when she is having so much fun playing with him. It's the type of laugh that emits pure joy. Your heart just soars at the sound of it. She definitely demonstrates her hardheaded toddler tendencies, shaking her head and shrieking her opinion at you. But, like any girl, she knows how to melt your heart with her winsome smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Jon and I are in so much trouble with a capital T...

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